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Thorr Stevens

Full-Product Universal App Developer in Ghent, Belgium or Remote, he/him


Freelance Full-Stack Typescript Engineer helping you build your entire app for Web and Mobile in a write-once way, with GraphQL, React-Native, Expo, Next.js and rich docs for easy handovers.



Commerce Aggregation App at Incubator of a large US retailer
6mo, NY, Built with Expo, React-native & Next.js, but can't say more sadly
Cancer Companion App at My Cancer Companion by Dr. Eric Lim, Thoracic Surgeon
My Cancer Companion is an app I helped build providing the best, most up-to-date, and authoritative information for people with lung cancer. Cool features I worked on include Symptom logging (charts), Personalised recommendations, and Appointment management (calendars). Helped build this with Expo, React-Native, and Nest.js in Belgium and London.
React renderer for a B2B eCommerce CMS at Marlon, Dockx, Denderwood
Helped set up the server-side renderer and React component engine for Marlon's in-house B2B CMS. This project involved both internal work spread over 3 years on the admin side of things, and customer-facing React components that worked on servers and browsers alike. Including: Carts, Checkouts, Product Details, Maps, Interactive Logo Pickers, and Advanced Datagrids. Just to name a few.

Side Projects

Aetherspace GREEN stack starter at Github, Open-Source
Kickstart your next project with Aetherspace: A Zod & Typescript-first approach to building cross-platform experiences with GraphQL, React-Native, Expo & Next.js, in a write-once way. So far, I've created and maintained this resource over the course of 3 years.


How to choose cross-platform tech, dev.to
Users increasingly prefer mobile apps to the mobile web, and there are many ways to build them. Should you choose React-Native over Flutter? Let's find out.
Move fast and Build Things, dev.to
Summary of the Full-Stack Meetup talk I gave at Bothrs HQ.


Full-Product Universal Apps with Aetherspace at Newline 2023
Ghent, Belgium
Web vs. Mobile is dead 💀 Web AND Mobile is the future 🤝
'Move fast & build things', with Zod, Expo and Next.js at Meetup.com
Ghent, Belgium
What would it take for a startup to build the new Twitter? From going cross-platform from the start to the importance of docs when scaling your team, we explored how Aetherspace and the GREEN stack can help you compete with the likes of Elon Musk.


Young Vision Award from De Tijd
Was one of 4 finalists in a writing competition for 'De Tijd' with my piece on 'The Hypocrisy of our time'. Got featured in their physical paper, won a tablet and got to defend my article on Studio Brussel.

Work Experience

2023 - Now
Lead Full-Stack Consultant at Talentguide
Currently scaling the already built AI powered MVP for Talentguide to a production ready app. Mostly front-end web and back-end + cloud work, while the AI / ML core is constantly being improved by the client's internal team. Currently planning on building the Mobile version of the app with Aetherspace.
2022 - 2023
Full-Product Typescript Engineer at Bothrs
Ghent, Belgium (also: New York & London)
Built some cool Mobile Apps with Web features using Expo, React-Native, and Next.js here. Often the initial MVP or incubator project was built & validated by our smaller teams, while the client scaled up their team to take over. Included clients in the US, UK, Healthcare, and ECommerce sectors.
2018 - 2022
Full-Stack React Developer at Marlon, iO
Ghent, Belgium
Worked on a wide variety of projects here. Mostly Front-end work for their in-house ECommerce CMS that powers the likes of Dockx Rental and Denderwood. Aside from that, I also worked on some advanced web-based configurators for Daikin EU here, and even some Mobile apps with React-Native and Expo.
2017 - 2016
Back-End, Web & Mobile Developer at Tildepost
Bredene, Belgium
As the only engineer for the entire startup, I was building the project for all platforms with Expo, React-Native, and Node.js


2020 - 2020
2020 - Now


2012 - 2016
Devine - Bachelor of Design and Development at Howest
Kortrijk, Belgium
As Deviner you use your design-, development- and research skills to shape the online experiences of today and tomorrow. The whole curriculum is shaped around UI/UX combined with Creative Programming and Motion Design

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